How we work

We start our engagements on the basis that a client choosing us to manage or build their systems is our long term business partner. If we help you grow your business, then we can grow with you.

We add value to your business on the basis of our market knowledge and our 20 years of experience in the areas of payment processing, banking, data modelling, business process optimization, legacy infrastructure integration, collections, accounting, billing and most importantly customer acquisition and optimization. Uniquely for an outsource IT provider, we bring an entrepreneurial development mindset to your project.

Business Analysis

Our client engagement starts with a comprehensive business and system needs analysis, followed by a series of process modelling workshops. Based upon the outputs of these initial consultations we carefully work with you to define and optimize thinking about overall system requirements with an emphasis on future proofing. The output of this process is a carefully defined project plan.

Project Management

In many industries with legacy or systemic architectures, this process can involve making changes to a client’s legacy system architecture by means of re-engineering through the application of new workflow systems, or by improving part of the legacy schema with an updated Ranesys application. We will apply a light or heavy touch here as needed, to minimize your costs while still achieving your goals.

Our Business Process Outsourcing clients range from local and international SMEs to HSE hospital groups and online gaming companies. Our bespoke software solutions are currently implemented in a range of settings.

Case Study

A previous client is a leading US marketing company working in the operation and management of affinity marketing solutions for several US/European household consumer brands and a number of television and telemarketing stations. They required a secure and scalable platform to replace their 30 year old legacy system without any reduction in customer service or billing cycles. We provided a business process outsourcing solution which streamlined their payments processing system and integrated their CRM with six call-centres.

We have developed platforms which provide hospital metrics and reporting solutions, online gaming development and real-time analytics driven marketing systems.