What we do

At Ranesys, we provide business consulting and software solutions. Based in Dublin Ireland, with a global network of software contractors, our expertise is in producing and managing scalable cloud based high frequency software architectures.

The customers we work with often add users in the hundreds of thousands on a monthly basis. We manage projects on a turn key basis, often providing an entirely outsourced technology department.

We provide a wide range of proprietary and standards based software applications and our systems are combined based on client needs. Deployed in the cloud or on your internal environments, our software development and accompanying 24/7 support capability covers a wide range of industries.

Business Process Outsourcing

Our software customers include global BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) companies and indirectly the international brands they service. We also serve customers operating in the Online Gaming, Banking/Merchant services and Healthcare industries.  As standard, our services provide high scalability and availability via cloud based geographical infrastructure and fully PCI compliant data storage Live monitoring and metrics/oversight are achieved through customized 24/7 remote monitoring systems which can monitor up-time, application performance and user metrics.

Integrated Software Solutions

Our overall system architectures follow service-oriented architecture (SOA) principles, allowing integration via standard communication protocols (e.g.SOAP, REST, etc.).

Ranesys project delivery relies on a robust development methodology and system infrastructure. Our software services can be provided individually or combined in order to meet our clients’ goals, or can be extended to achieve best-fit solutions for specific needs as required.