Ranesys CRM & BPO

Client: Business Process Software for Loyalty Marketing

Our client is a leading US marketing company working in the operation and management of affinity marketing solutions for several US/European household consumer brands and a number of television and telemarketing stations. They required a secure and scalable platform to replace their 30 year old legacy system without any reduction in customer service or billing cycles.

Built and maintained as a complete “end to end” solution, fully PCI “Level 1:service provider” compliant payment processing of card transactions are undertaken in the millions on a monthly basis.

The Platform was built in two parts for the client: a Customer relationship service and a Payments Processing service.

These can be combined to run on the same server, on different servers depending on load/business need, or used completely independently of each other.

Customer Relationship service

  • A Database backed web and REST/SOAP API service.

  • Built for tiers of access/support – call centre / support staff, managers, end customers, etc.

  • Multiple independent sales/call centre integrations with full API support

  • Multiple client site integration with legacy client software infrastructure

  • Supported physical item and Email fulfilment with customer via multiple channels & integrations

  • Full reporting capabilities – a “simple query” syntax that allowed non technical users to on-demand / schedule PDF & Excel reports to clients/system managers, as well as allowing for more complex queries

  • Payments module service

A Database backed web and REST/SOAP API service.

  • Captures Customers payment details for later / immediate use

  • Allows for direct storage of Credit Card information, or remote profile storage using a payment provider depending on business need.

  • Can be controlled by the Customer module, or by 3rd party clients.

  • Manages payment/refunds for the Customer module, allowing for batch or “on demand” processing.

  • Has functionality to allow for repeated attempts at failed payments, based on client requirements/offer profiles. Has granularity for rules here – mapping the different error cases for payment failure and responding accordingly

  • Built to easily integrate with many Payment Service Providers (PSPs). Currently has developed integrations for eight major PSPs.

An installation of this work was certified PCI “Level 1, service provider” compliant in 2013.
This is currently being used to manage over 0.5 million customers, and is processing more than 20 million EUR/STG in payments every year. It currently holds about 450k credit and debit cards.
Average transaction volume is around 10 EUR/STG. This is currently integrated with more than six 3rd party call centres and websites that use it as the “back-end” to their business.