ISBAR Handover Messaging & Tasking


Ranesys ISBAR Patient Handover is a Mobile and Desktop App that has been developed to make patient handover and monitoring a simplified and digitized process.

The app increases consultant handover audibility & compliance to 100% and provides events based push (such as “bloods back”) and well as clinical messaging and Calender based tasking.

The APP also naturally accentuates clinical quality and safety whilst augmenting clinical notes and providing in context NEWS and Acuity scoring data to feed the new generation of HC financial reporting platforms.

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It ensures clinical risk is kept in compliance with HIQA and international standards, while allowing hospital staff an easy and safe way to handover their patients. Standards used include ISBAR, an international method for clinical communication, the National Early Warning Score (NEWS) and in Obstetrics & Gynecology the Irish Maternity Early Warning System (I-MEWS).


Ranesys ISBAR Patient Handover is designed specifically to improve immediacy, transparency, communication and tasking between Clinical teams; by bringing the utility of mobile apps to flatten clinical information flow and increase physician and clinical compliance. Handover provides a clear digital audit trail for each patient.

HIQA Recommendations

Following recent reports by HIQA, the renewed focus on quality of process and patient safety optimization in patient handover, and in light of the reports into poor patient handover process and compliance, we are looking to roll it out on a national basis. For futher information and to see our dedicated handover site please click here.


I-MEWS is a standard put in place by the HSE for early detection of life threatening illness during pregnancy. It has a system of triggers and a detailed escalation path for monitoring pregnancies. Where there are abnormalities, escalation systems are alerted. It is a tool to complement clinical care and is not intended to replace clinical judgement.
NEWS is an early warning tool for non-pregnant patients and is validated for use on both medical and surgical adult patients in acute hospital services.
Both NEWS and I-MEWS are implemented in the Handover app, along with other functionality such as messaging and other patient context information.

The system is being operated as a pilot project as part of the HSE’s Connect program.